Friday, April 15, 2011

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Cristian U got immunity and is now in the final

The fate of "U" is enviable. In one of his worst moments in the game and, with its declining popularity among its fans, the man took out his barracks so precious letter of immunity.

Minutes before, during live with Jorge Rial, the dog walker to the driver confessed he felt a special attraction of playing cards hanging from the tree.

When removing your Salvation, the participant wrapped his hand with what he thought was a rosary.

Solange, meanwhile, joined Secondly and very discouraged the confessional after receiving carte blanche.

Then, the "Martin" (Pepa and Anchorena) ran with the same fate as the brunette and pulled white letters, like Emiliano, last, but with the difference that while in the confessional, the Cordovan you stuck the "primer" a "spoon."


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